Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Adventures in Paper Bead Making, Vol. 1: Tools, Tools, Tools

some of my beads made
from magazine pages
I am trying to remember how I came across paper beading, I think it was something I might have seen on Facebook... and it took ahold of me! I love finding crafts that are simple but so beautiful and with paper beads, crafted right I bet you couldn't tell!

You can of course search YouTube like I did for how to make paper beads (what can't be found on YouTube eh?) or you can find several books (both print or ebook) available at retailers such as amazon).

After trying several methods, purchasing a few "kits" and reading several books on the subject of paper beading I have come to a few conclusions:

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Stitch of the Week #1: Wood Burning From Darby Smart

First I think I should tell you what Darby Smart is, before we get down to the "stitch" of the week. Darby Smart is... awesome! It's a online craft company that packages DIY kits together that you can purchase individually - each of these kits contains the supplies and tools (the latter are yours to keep of course!) you will need to complete the project contained within the kit. You can also purchase supplies (at this time a small rotating selection), and if you like surprises you can sign up for the monthly mystery subscription where each month you will receive the box of the month - For March 2014 it was wood burning, and with that we begin the first "Stitch of the Week".

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Run, Crochet, RUN!

Now what have I been up to? Oh yeah! is up and running! It's a basic website but I am quite proud of myself for setting it up without having had any prior knowledge on how to do so; you can find lost of information there, on our facebook page My 3 Pieces and you can even purchase many of the items we now have available at our etsy store: My 3 Pieces (where we have 20+ items and growing listed).

There are still a few nuts and bolts I have to get worked out for My 3 Pieces - I need to finish the last bit of the business plan so I can apply for some small business programs, I need to have my business licenses for Minnesota finalized and.... well those two things are it actually! Can you believe it???

Monday, February 3, 2014

Business Flows On

Things have been so busy lately, sorry I haven't blogged! I swear I am working on a schedule to wear I can post fun and informative stuff (along with the "me me me" posts like this one) more regularly.

The last couple weeks I have been really hitting the business plan hard - I am determined to formalize My 3 Pieces as a business here in Minnesota and sell things online as well. I will be offering a variety of crafted materials, with new releases every couple months (at the very least) every few months - a full schedule will be posted on this blog and the My 3 Pieces Facebook Page when it is finalized.

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Putting The Pieces in to Place

I have struggled with anxiety for many years, to the point it has greatly affected my ability to function in daily life. For the last several years I have been relegated to what some might considered a self-imposed prison, I wouldn't call it that but the reality of it all is the same no matter what you call it.

Crafting - particularly crocheting and knitting - has helped me over the years manage my issues. Sometimes I forget or ignore how helpful crafting has been for me and my tools will begin to collect dust, but I always come back to them. I have made several attempts to work over the last few years with marginal amount of success - none that would allow me to support myself. In addition to the desire to fully support myself, I really need a great deal of flexibility so I can properly function given my circumstances. Hence, working for myself, completely.

Wow that's a little heavy.... I promise to lighten it up from this point on.

Monday, December 30, 2013

Gearing Up - 2014 Here I Come!

I am so excited for the new year!

I made a TON of stuff for the holidays - everything went over better than I could have ever hoped for, people went gaga for the hats and other stuff I was able to churn out.

As the new year approaches I am gearing up to make My 3 Pieces what I originally intended it to be - a small business through which I sell some of the things I create as well company that fostered the hobbies of crocheting, knitting and general crafting.

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Crochet Project - Spa Set

I love crocheting - I mean why else would I try to make a business out of it (and the other crafts I do)? My favorite thing to do lately related to crafting (crocheting, knitting, etc.) is trolling Facebook craft pages for awesome patterns that are quick, easy, and cute. I can usually find a few a day.

The other day I came across Starting Chain's Facebook Page and fell in love, it's a great page. On there they have a pattern for crocheted "spa cloths" (really wash cloths but doesn't SPA cloth sound much nicer?) and I thought I would try it out. You can find the Spa Cloth Pattern by clicking HERE. It's pretty basic, all you have to do is know the basics of starting a chain, the single crochet stitch, the triple crochet stitch and how to finish an item off (weaving in the loose ends!). Here is how my first spa cloth turned out: